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Atola Insight Forensic_On stock - lagernd !

_Complex data retrieval functions, utilities
  for manually accessing hard drives at the
lowest level. PLUS a very simple + efficient user
  interface for Windows 7+8.

It is definitely a must have product for any Forensic lab,
DR- or IT-business.
The tool was developed by a team of
industry renowned data recovery engineers in collaboration with law enforcement agencies and forensic experts from aroundthe globe. No other tool can catch up with speed, versatility and features.
________________________________________________________________________Atola Insight Forensic          
 .... Each software update includes outstanding new features !

_ .... most innovative                                           
Special Price -> 31.12.17 - please contact us!
___.... top of the line product of the market_ Atola Insight Forensic + DR Software + Forensic-Rack

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Atola Insight USB
__ON stock - lagernd !__[ how to order ]

_For quick hdd diagnosis, data retrieval, fw access and much, much more ...
_Ports for eihter SATA I/II/III or IDE source hdd, any format (with adapter)
_- RS232 port + cable for command / terminal access of hdd
_- File recovery of FAT-, NTFS-, ext2/3/4- and HFS/HFS+ file systems

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__________________ Atola Insight USB

Atola Imager__ON stock - lagernd !___[ how to order ]               

is an outstanding disk duplication/Imaging-only system. It images severely      
damaged drives in multiple passes, by heads on specific hdd, of partitions,   
sector ranges and of only occupied sectors.
The average direkt disk to disk
  data transfer speed is up to
180 MB/s.

________[ Manual ]___[ Field of Application ]      Questions + Answers ]___________________ Atola Imager

Atola Disk Recycler V.2.0_ ON Stock - lagernd !___[ how to order ]

The Atola Disk Recycler is a scriptable high-speed SAS+SATA/SSD drive tester, wiper
_and repairer, built for professional hard disk recycling applications. The tool can be ope-
_rated either with host PC (Lan) or stand-alone with a USB flash stick and a script file.

_This innovative solution is ment for high volume operation.
Its full circuit protection
________prevents damages to any attached storage device and the unit.

________[ Manual ]__[ Questions + Answers ]______________________________________________ ________________________Atola Disk Recycler

Atola Bandura__ON Stock - lagernd !___[ how to order ]

_Our standalone device for high-speed forensic hard disk duplication,
quick hdd test, scanning, verification, comparison and secure data erasure.

_Outstanding: Cloning of even defect sectors. A perfect user interface and
_a touch screen display offer smooth standalone operation - no need for a pc.
_______The unit will be delivered with its final Software/Firmware 2.07.

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____________________________________ ______ _ ______________Atola Bandura

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