Add On Products

These optional add on products are "time savers" for your forensic work.
Most of them are a "must have add on" for a professional work.

Especially manufactured for the Atola TaskForce
  - independent power for each HDD with the original TaskForce HDD cables
  - supports up to 12x 3,5" or 2,5" HDD
  - each bay supports SAS + SATA  (depends on port used of TaskForce)
  - power on LED for active operation
  - dual color LED for  - a)  HDD on
                                       - b)   HDD read/write operation + LED blinking
  - three fans to cool the HDD during operation
  - number + colour lables to clearly mark the drive bays for the users
This is the best way to keep your HDD perfectly organised

new: 3,5" tray for 2,5" SATA or SAS HDD
The 2,5" HDD can be slided with it into the TF-Rack like 3,5" HDD.
2 of these trays are included with the TF-Rack.

new: USB 3.0 Extension Cables
4x USB 3.0 extension cables to have easier access to the USB ports.

USB 3.0 Extension cables with Frame
Mounted on to the Atola TaskForce cover for simple USB connection

Special Adapters:
Most of them are screwless for easy handling - our own design!

  • BGA to NVMe  1) - for (desoldered) BGA-SSD out of i.e. MS Surface Pro 5, 6 and 7
  • A1708 to NVMe  1) - for proprietary SSD out of MacBook A1708 (suports 1 of 2 versions)

    1) perfect for forensic imaging on Atola TaskForce and Insight Forensic DS2
         - combined with the Atola M.2 Extension

  • USB 3.0 to NVMe  2)
  • USB 3.0 to IDE  2)
  • SATA to mSATA
  • SATA to MicroSATA
  • SATA to M.2 B-key SSD
  • SATA to SD-cardreader
  • SATA to MacBook SSD 2010 + 2011
  • SATA to MacBook SSD up to mid 2013
  • SATA to Asus Zenbook XM11 SSD
  • SATA to Asus X21, X31, X51 SSD
  • SATA to Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon SSD

        2) We suggest to combine this adapter with the USB 3.0 extension cables for easier handling.

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