Add On Products

These optional add on products are "time savers" for your forensic work.
Most of them are a "must have add on" for a professional work.

Especially manufactured for the Atola TaskForce
  - independent power for each HDD with the original TaskForce HDD cables
  - supports up to 12x 3,5" or 2,5" HDD
  - each bay supports SAS + SATA  (depends on port used of TaskForce)
  - power on LED for active operation
  - dual color LED for  - a)  HDD on
                                       - b)   HDD read/write operation + LED blinking
  - three fans to cool the HDD during operation
  - number + colour lables to clearly mark the drive bays for the users
This is the best way to keep your HDD perfectly organised

eSATApd to 22pin SAS/SATA cable
This special hdd cable includes both power lines (5+12V) necessary for hdd.
We suggest to have a few of these cables spare - if one is lost or defect or in use...

USB 3.0 Extension
4x USB 3.0 extension cables to have easier access to the USB ports.

Special Adapters:
Most of them are screwless for easy handling - our own special design !

  • USB 3.0 to NVMe  *)
  • USB 3.0 to IDE  *)
  • SATA to mSATA
  • SATA to MicroSATA
  • SATA to M.2 B-key SSD
  • SATA to SD-cardreader
  • SATA to MacBook SSD up to mid 2013
  • SATA to Asus Zenbook XM11 SSD
  • SATA to Asus X21, X31, X51 SSD
  • SATA to Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon SSD

*) We suggest to combine this adapter with the USB 3.0 extension cables for easier handling.

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