Apple PCIe SSD support

This is the first official extension supported by Atola Insight Forensic. It can process
the newest PCIe SSDs from Apple MacBooks (2013 - current models). This extension
supports full forensic cloning (even s/n) which ist not supported from USB adapters.
The following Insight operations and features are supported for the Apple drives:
Apple Mac SSD PCIe extension plugged into DiskSense unit
  • Drive imaging with 400 MB/s speed (24 GB/min)
  • Damaged drive support
  • SSD Trim
  • Calculate hash
  • full forensic cloning/imaging
  • Comparison with pattern, image files or other drives
  • Media scan
  • Various device utilities: disk editor, media recovery, etc.
  • Write protection
Imaging Apple SSD with 402 MB/s speed