Orders from within European Union (excluding Austria)

All quoted prices are net (= excluding VAT) .

a) if you don't have an own EU VAT tax number
we charge +20% VAT (of price for the tool + shipping)
Conclusion: Resident within EU and without an EU VAT tax number = no way to avoid VAT. *)

*) If your country has two tax numbers, one for within the country and another one for EU, either apply for your own EU tax number or ask a local partner company (which an own EU tax number) to buy the tool for you and you buy it from them to get the VAT reimbursed.

b) If you have your own EU VAT tax number we sell net =  the price for the tool + shipping

Orders from within Austria

We charge the quoted net price for the tool(s) + 20% VAT.
See also  <pick up an Atola tool in Austria>

 * * *

For orders or enquiries - just send an email in english, french or german  to  office@atola-europe.com

If you need a formal offer or an invoice in advance, please send:

  • your full company name + address
  • your shipping address (if different to company address)
  • your own EU VAT tax number (if you have one)

We suggest to inform us when you have sent the bank remittance, to let us prepare
your shipment even before your payment arrives. Once we have received it, the unit(s)
will be shipped immediately.

On the bottom of this page ( blue field ) please find our name, address and bankers details: