Supported Harddisks - Atola Imager

This Atola tool supports any standard IDE or SATA hdd as source drive.
It supports any standard SATA hdd as target drive connected directly to the tool,
it supports any mass storage target device (but no CD/DVD) connected
internally or externally to the PC.

You can use adapters for ZIF/LIF, mSATA, MicroSATA for 1,8", 2,5", M.2 NGFF
to either IDE or SATA.

SSD are supported:
Either directly with its standard SATA connector - or with a special adapter
There are several optional adapters available:
I.e. for mSATA, Asus Zenbook, Lenovo SSD, M.2 NGFF, Apple SSD etc.


source port
= any 2,5"/3,5" standard IDE or SATA hdd (also with above mentioned optional adapters)

= target port: any standard SATA hdd or any storage device with optional SATA adapter
= PC internally: any hdd type (SATA, SAS, SCSI)
= PC externally: any hdd type connected as USB or eSATA

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