Atola Bandura

Atola Bandura is a unique standalone high speed hard disk duplication and diagnostic tool.
It allows fast disk duplication, automatic checkup, comparison, and secure data erasure.
The tool can work with damaged disk drives and handles bad sectors properly.
An intuitive touch screen user interface allows launching any task in just 2 touches.

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  • 3,3" color touch screen with User Interface
  • 2 port native SATA support (Source + Target)
  • Logging on to external USB stick (for reports)
  • Write protection for source disk.
  • Stop + resume duplication session at any time.
  • Extreme fast duplication speed - up to 16GB/min (265MB/s).
  • Handles bad sectors and even works with severely damaged HDD.
  • Multi-pass-imaging: Retrieves most data as quick as possible in the first pass and the rest in the following passes.
  • Secure disk erasing with custom patterns: maximum speed is 17 GB/min (280 MB/s)
  • Checksum calculation: MD5, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512
  • Disk diagnosis – PCB, head stack, firmware, SMART, media, file system checks
  • Repair bad sectors function (for so called "soft bad sectors")
  • HPA / DCO max address management
  • Imaging: Read Long option for bad sectors on the last imaging pass
  • Erasing: Erase source & target HDD simultaneously
  • Forensic: Checksum calculation for source + target HDD at same time

Examples of use:

  • 2 touch quick HDD test - no need for a technician or a specialist
  • Data recovery from damaged hard drives
  • Quick cloning of only occupied sectors:
    - hdd duplicating for new pc-systems
    - much quicker data retrieval from a damaged HDD
  • Additional duplication tool to free up a tool with different high end features
  • Secure data destruction (disk wipe/erase)
  • 1:1 write-protected data acquisition
  • Disk comparison (locate sectors that are different on two drives)

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