Atola Imager

During the imaging process, a bad sector map is created. The bad sector map is used later by our file recovery algorithms.

Even extremely badly damaged hard drives can often be copied with this system. Supports IDE and SATA I, II + III HDD..
The software for the Imager can be upgraded any time (at extra costs) to a higher version of the Atola software.

Atola Imager is a less expensive version of Atola Insight with imaging/duplication capabilities

This unique hdd imager allows data transfer speeds of up to 180MB/s (>6 GB/min) and handles even
severly damaged hdd (as long as they are still accessable).

We include now a very detailed Operation Manual (PDF) to each unit. Questions + Answers  

ON STOCK / lagernd ! ... For immediate shipment / für sofortigen Versand !


  • Supports UDMA mode
  • Exact sector-by-sector copy onto another hard drive
  • Multi-pass imaging of HDD even with defect sectors
  • Definable timeout length and number of sectors to skip at failed read attempts
  • definable number of read passes, apply read-long command on last pass
  • Imaging of selected partitions, sector ranges or entire hard drives
  • Reverse imaging
  • Checksum calculation: MD5, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512
  • Stop/Resume session anytime
  • E-mail notifications
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