Atola Imager

Even extremely badly damaged drives can often be copied with this system. It supports IDE and SATA I, II + III HDD/SSD.
This high speed Atola Imager will be delivered with the final version of the Atola Insight software for Windows.

Atola Imager is a less expensive version of Atola Insight with imaging/duplication capabilities

This unique hdd imager allows data transfer speeds of up to 180MB/s (>6 GB/min) and handles even
severly damaged hdd (as long as they are still accessable).

We include now a very detailed Operation Manual (PDF) to each unit. Questions + Answers  

ON STOCK / lagernd ! ... For immediate shipment / für sofortigen Versand !


  • Supports UDMA mode
  • Exact sector-by-sector copy onto another hard drive
  • Multi-pass imaging of HDD even with defect sectors
  • Definable timeout length and number of sectors to skip at failed read attempts
  • Definable number of read passes
  • Apply read-long command on last pass
  • Imaging of selected partitions, sector ranges or entire hard drives
  • Reverse imaging
  • Checksum calculation: MD5, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512
  • Stop/Resume session anytime
  • E-mail notifications
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