Apple PCIe SSD support

Apple Mac SSD PCIe extension

This is the first official extension supported by Atola Insight Forensic. It can process
the newest PCIe SSDs from Apple MacBooks (2013 - current models). This extension
supports full forensic cloning (even s/n) which ist not supported from USB adapters.
The following Insight operations and features are supported for the Apple drives:
Apple Mac SSD PCIe extension plugged into DiskSense unit
  • Drive imaging with 400 MB/s speed (24 GB/min)
  • Damaged drive support
  • SSD Trim
  • Calculate hash
  • full forensic cloning/imaging
  • Comparison with pattern, image files or other drives
  • Media scan
  • Various device utilities: disk editor, media recovery, etc.
  • Write protection
Imaging Apple SSD with 402 MB/s speed