Atola Bandura 
firmware update (free)

- download the compressed file and unpack it
- store it on to a USB stick und plug this stick into the USB port of Atola Bandura
- from the main screen of Atola Bandura choose [next]
- on the 2nd scrren choose FW update

- now follow the on screen instructions to update the firmware.

The final FW is 2.07 which exists in two versions:

1. source port write protected: (forensic)  [download wp version]
2. source + target erasable:  [download standard version]

* * *

(free in first year after purchase): 
update link

* * *

Atola Insight Forensic
(free in first year after purchase): Software + firmware 4.x for Windows 7 + 8

The installation or upgrade procedure is the same as for the following units.

Atola Imager
Atola Forensic Imager
Atola Insight USB
Atola Insight Ethernet
(free in first year after purchase)
Full version 3.6 for Windows 7 + 8

If you have allready installed a previous version
                                                 you only need the   Update version 3.6

If you have problems with the drivers, download the   Driver Pack

The actual and final version is 3.6.
If there is (due to any reason) an update available after this final release, you will be
notified within the Atola Insight software (if your unit is connected to the Internet).
You can still purchase additional subscription for the Insight Ethernet and Insight USB. 
It covers a full hardware warranty (bring in)
for t
he tool.

For re-Installation of the Software 
>> all previous versions befor Insight 3.6 <<
You need to reinstall the software to a new / an other computer:    
Just install the last version which was published within the period for which your Atola
Insight tool is activated - you dont need to activate it again !
If you see the statement, that you should activate your unit (again), you installed a
Insight sofware which was released after your warranty/subscription period ended.
You can now either pay for the upgrade - or just use the software version which is
valid for your warranty/subscription period.   

For all - 3.x Installations - Important:

- download the compressed file and unpack it     
- close a perhaps running Insight
- start the installation and follow the on screen instructions
- after installation restart your computer and start the Insight software
- continue with the usual firmware update and then follow the on screen instructions
- if you face problems, shut off the Atola unit and the pc and restart both.
- if you run more units on the same host pc - i.e. Insight Ethernet, Imager or
  Insight USB, they need to be in the same activation time frame that you can
  use the same software version, otherwise use a lower software version.
  activation time is stored in the Atola unit and the software checks its validity.

- you can not use 3.x Insight/Imager units parallel on the same host PC.

* * *

Atola Disk Recycler (free)Software update for Windows 7 and 8
- if you have modified your standard scripts    
   save them first otherwise they might be overwritten
- download the setup file and run it
- follow the instructions

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