The Disk Recycler is the advanced, script driven solution, allowing users to customize each step of the workflow.
The software comes with a very easy to use Script Editor that allows creating custom scripts of virtually any
complexity. The software includes a variety of sample scripts that can be further customized.

All script commands

Composing scripts

A script is basically a text file that contains one or more commands for the Disk Recycler. It can be composed with the help of the Script Editor. We have created numerous conveniences to reduce script creation time and improve your work efficiency:

  • More than 65 script commands;
  • Commands are easy to read;
  • Automatic syntax check;
  • Syntax highlighting;
  • Additional step-by-step wizard to further simplify creation of scripts.

Fresh installation of the Atola Disk Recycler software comes with a set of sample scripts.

Running scripts

Each port of a Disk Recycler unit works independently from other ports. This means
that you can assign each port a different script. Script assigning is a very simple
task and is done with a few clicks in the software.

The software clearly displays the current status of each port, and what script is
currently being executed on each port.

For more information about Atola Disk Recycler scripts, please see Recycler manual


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