Field of Application

This unique tool is perfect for diagnose, sort out, wipe and recertify even a bigger number of hdd.

  • write your own scripts for testing with a built in editor (80 commands possible)
  • design and print your own reports with scriipts
  • One unit supports up to 4x SATA (SSD) or SAS hdd (depending on the unit version)
  • you can connect up to 200 units ( = 800 hdd ) to a host pc via lan
  • all hdd/ports can be monitored and individually handled with host pc via lan
  • with a host pc you can run a different script on each port (up to 800) of all connected units.
  • the unit can also be operated stand alone with a USB flash stick with one script
  • in stand allone mode you can run the same script simultaneously on all 4 ports

Once a script has finished with a hdd (both operation modes: via host pc + stand alone)

  • you will be notified from the software
  • you will be notified with a green LED at each hdd port on the tool
  • you can instantly start with a new hdd (no need to wait for other ports)

  • unlock drives where you know the password (hdd used in same VCR model use often same pwd)
  • unclip (deactivate HPA or CDO) size limitations = restore full hdd capacity
  • create different scripts to filter bad / good hdd out of a bigger quantity of hdd


  • you can force remapping of bad sectors (advisable only if it is only a lower number)
  • you can clip (limit) the size of a hdd - but only from sector x to end
  • one cannot erase the SMART values

You have the choice for three operation modes:

stand alone: you have one task/script for all 4 ports - you start the Disk Recycler with a USB flash stick
                   which containes one specific task/script
                   The operation is done with the yellow operation button on the front for each port. Once a
                   task/script has finished you start it with a new drive with the yellow button of this port.
                   The operation status is shown with the colour for each port/hdd (green, yellow, red).

over LAN
- independently: Start (up to 4) different tasks/scripts with the host PC (this can be i.e. your office PC).
                               Start the Atola software and select up to 4 tasks/scripts per Atola unit and then stop
                               the Atola software. Continue to operate directly with the Atola units. (Yellow button.)
                               In this mode no data is stored and you cannot print reports or certificates, but
                               this is the quickest way to have i.e. a quick test to filter hdd for a next task or for trash...
- with software: The operation can be handled either with the software over LAN or directly at the Atola
                               units. All the collected data is stored in the database on the host computer and can
                               be used to create reports or certificates. The software can be run in background
                               mode and you can use the PC simultaneously for i.e. standard office work.