How to .... first time installation

Do not start the software until you have finished the hardware installation!

1. You have following choices for the connection of your new Atola tool:

 - Please use two Ethernet ports on your PC to do that.
 - If your PC or Laptop does not have two Ethernet ports, then either
    install a 2nd Ethernet port or use the USB 3.0 to Ethernet adapter.

 - if you want to use the Atola tool with a 10Gb LAN you certainly can
    do that with 1Gb Ethernet ports, but for 10Gb speed you will need
    to use the special Atola 10Gb extension with the Atola tool and
    also have two 10Gb Ethernet ports on your PC.

    a) Direct connection:
      - Connect one PC Ethernet port as usual to your Internet / LAN
      - connect the second PC Ethernet port with the Atola tool *)

    b) LAN connection:
      - connect both PC Ethernet ports to your LAN ( switch / router )
      - connect the Atola *) tool with the LAN ( switch / router )

    *) For a 10Gb speed only use the Ethernet port of the Atola 10Gb extension. 

    c) For all software versions including version 4.12 the Ethernet port for the Atola
        connection needs a static IP address within the IP range of the Atola tool.
        Its default IP address can be modified with an included software
        or reset to its default value with the RST button at the back of the unit.

    d) Starting with software version 4.13 there exists a new setting that allows an
        external DHCP server (a router, the computer to which Insight is connected
        directly or a local server module) to assign a dynamic IP address on demand. 

2. After activating your new Atola unit, you can use it with any computer you like, just
    install the Atola software on that computer, but bear in mind that this will create a
    seperate database - only for those cases (HDD) handled on this host PC.

   This is no problem at all - if you use a single computer (host pc) for your work!
    But if you want to use the Atola unit on several PC in your office - and have access
    to all cases handled on any of those host PC - you need to set up the data base on
    the server - here are the details

    Network database setup

3. Now, download the newest version of the Atola Insight software
    Install the software and activate your new Atola unit. If you are asked to enter a code,
    then please go back in this procedure, you selected the wrong button to continue.
    You do NOT need a code to activate!
  Please bear in mind, that you need an active internet connection for activation!

See also the Online Manual  or  contact us -  our contact details