How to .... first time installation

This is for the Atola Insight Forensic:

 - your host computer (PC or laptop) should be connected to an active Internet

 - you can use the Atola device directly connected to the host PC or via a LAN (router).

 - we suggest to use a 2nd Ethernet port of the computer or the USB to Ethernet adapter
   which was sent together with the Atola unit.

   Set up the 2nd Ethernet port with an unused address (as example
   within the same IP-range of the Atola unit (its default address is
   If necessary (at all): To reset the unit to its default IP address, press the IP RST
   button on the rear of the Atola unit while starting.

 - do not yet install the software - read first the following information completely !

 - after activating *) your new Atola unit, you can use it with any computer you like,
   just install the Atola software on that computer.

 - when you install the software it will create an new database on that host computer.
   Only drives handled on that computer will be recognised on this computer again.
   This is no problem at all - if you use a single computer (host pc) for your work!

 - if you want to use the Atola device on more than one computer and to access the same
   database - i.e. detect any previously handled drive from any computer in the LAN
   - read following explanation to create a SQL database on the server of your LAN
     Network database setup

 - now, download the newest version of the Atola Insight software
 - install the software and activate *) your new Atola unit. If you are asked to enter a code,
   then please go back in this procedure, you selected the wrong button to continue. You do
   NOT need a code to activate!
  Please bear in mind, that you need an active internet connection for activation!

*) before you activate the unit, please send us an email to, that
    you have received your unit and wait for our email reply to continue.

See also the Online Manual  or  contact us -  our contact details