"Add on"

While working ourselves with the outstanding Atola tools, we found or
created special "Add Ons" for a stable, quick and smooth operation.

Mounting Rack 
The Mounting Rack is for a stable and cool operation of the source + one target hdd with the
Atola Insight Ethernet, the Atola Imager, the Atola Bandura or even with the Atola Disk Recycler.
For the Atola Disk Recycler we even offer two different rack versions - one for SATA hdd and
the other one for SATA + SAS hdd.

Forensic Rack
The Forensic Rack is especially designed to be combined with the Atola Insight Forensic unit.
For the SATA drives the rack offers 4 internal bays with 2 cooling fans. The 4 USB 3.0 ports are
easily accessible from the front of the rack.

eSATAp to 22pin SATA cable
This is the special hdd cable including 5+12V power used with the Atola Insight Forensic.

USB 3.0 Extension Frame
Its especially designed for the Atola Insight Forensic unit and extends the 4x USB 3.0 ports
from the rear to the top of the unit for an easy access.
This part can not be combined with the Forensic Mounting Rack!

Adapters + Cables    <<<--   HOT  ITEMS  ...  HOT  ITEMS ... !!!
Have a look to this site - you will find some very useful adapters and cables for
your work with the Atola tools and certainly with other tools too.

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