Q & A for the DR Software

We received allready some questions - here are the answers:

1.) Do I need (to buy) additional software to use the SAS/SATA controller card ?

thats just additional hardware - plug it into the PC and install the included Windows driver (CD)
A standard PC usually offers only a limited number (2-6) of SATA ports for SATA hdd.
1-2 SATA ports are used for the PC´s own hdd,
1 SATA port is used for the DVD,
and on modern PC you have 1-2 eSATA ports for external hdd.
If you want to use SAS hdd (usually out of Raid systems) you need a SAS controller card.

2.) Why should I buy - on top to the Atola tool - the DR Software plus the SAS/SATA controller card ?

You dont have to, but we recommend to do that - because:
a) the Atola tool is to clone/image respectively retrieve data from hdd with hardware issues
b) the DR software is needed to retrieve data from hdd or Raid systems (using the cloned drives)
with corrupted/missing partitions or file systems.
 c) a SAS/SATA controller card is only needed if your PC (used with the DR Software) has not enough
ports for all hdd out of a Raid system - or no ports for SAS drives.

3.) Do I have to buy this SAS/SATA controller card to use the Atola tool or the DR software ?

this is not necessary. 
But If you use the DR Software you might need more SATA or SAS ports in that PC for Raid recoveries.
Thats why we offer (optionally) an additional SAS/SATA controller card.

4.) Do I have to connect the host PC for the Atola tool with the PC for the DR software ?

this is definitely not necessary. The Atola tool and the DR software are two independet solutions
See more in the work flow diagram at the bottom of this page....

5.) Do I need to run this data recovery software on the host PC for the Atola tool ?

it should be installed on a seperate PC to avoid occupying the Atola host PC.

6.) Do I have to buy this software if I want to work with the Atola tool ?

but we recommend to do that because its a perfect fit - for professional (raid) data recovery

7.) Do I have to buy this Atola tool to work with the DR Software ?

           you can use the DR software on any Windows PC for all properly working hdd ( = hdd without hardware defects),
           but in most cases you will need to produce a clone hdd of the defect drive (to be on safe side) to retrieve data
           For that you need a very special tool handling such hdd - and thats definitely the Atola Insight Forensic.

How to work with the Atola tool and/or the DR software
Work flow for a single hdd (not from a Raid system)

  1. try to retrieve the data with the Atola tool - if you succeed, go to point 5
  2. clone/image the defect drive to a similar capacity hdd - and continue to work with the clone
  3. if the data is not visible/retrievable on the clone hdd you need a DR software
  4. insert the cloned hdd to the 2nd PC with the DR software and try to retrieve the data
  5. End = Data retrieved ?

Work flow for RAID recovery

  1. clone all hdd of the Raid system - each Raid hdd to a drive of similar capacity
  2. insert all cloned hdd to the 2nd PC with the DR software and try to determine
    the Raid structure (if unknown) to retrieve logical partition/folder structure and the data
    To use all (cloned) Raid hdd within one PC, you might need an SAS/SATA controller card.

With the Atola Insight Forensic you are able to create up to 3 clones of each Raid hdd in
one pass.
Suggestion: Clone all hdd out of the Raid system - and then insert the clones into the original
Raid case (if it works) and try to start a Raid rebuild with it. That allready
might work. If not, then proceed with above point 2.

* * *

DR software = Data Recovery software
Optional = it is offered as "add on product" = your decision ( = at additional costs)
= you can use the Atola tool without this optional product

If you have any further questions beyond above - please send an email.