Atola Disk Recycler

The Atola Disk Recycler is an absolutely innovative tool (hardware + software) for disk recertification.

This high-speed disk drive tester, wiper and repairer is built for professional hard disk recycling. It is a simple to use
tool - for a) stand alone operation or b) LAN operation with included easy to use Windows software (free updates).
The software includes several features like report and certificate printing, creation of own tasks (scripts) etc.
  • no royalties, no future costs
  • software included, free updates
  • each Disk Recycler supports 1-4 hdd
  • no server required
  • no host PC required - a stand-alone manual operation is possible
  • LAN operation: up to 200 units can be handled on a standard (office) Windows PC
                                      A software for LAN operation is included (free updates)
  • crash prove: each Disk Recycler works independently 1)
                           Disk Recyclers will continue to work even if the host PC is turned off 1)
                           over current / shortage protection of the hdd ports 2)

1) The software is only necessary to start/handle the operation of all Disk Recyclers in a LAN and can then also be
     run in background mode to store data to the host PC or even be turned off (no data is stored), to let the operater
     exchange drives from finished scripts and restart same tasks directly at their units and ports.
     Task status LED for each port: Green (finished ok), yellow (in use) or red (finished with error).

2) Even when handling a smaller amount of hdd, a few might cause a shortage - when connected to a standard PC
    this can result in huge damages for PC and hdd. Our Atola Disk Recylcer is protected against such defects.

The Atola Disk Recycler system includes:

  • Atola Disk Recycler unit
  • Windows control software for LAN operation (free updates)
  • included editor to write your own scripts
  • included demo scripts which can be used, copied, altered
  • included command list and explanation of commands

- All ports are completely independent, the failure of one or more hard drives has no impact on the other ports.
- All tasks will run simultaneously without affecting each other in any way.
- Once a task has finished you can instantly start on same port with another hdd (no need to wait for other drives/ports to finish).

- via lan:            You can assign a different task (script) to each port (up to 200 units = up to 800 ports) in the network.
- stand-alone:  All four ports will run with the same task (script) from a USB flash disk.
                             One can operate each port/hdd with the yellow front buttons A, B, C and D independently.
                             The status of each port is shown with its LED in green (finished ok), yellow (in use) or red (finished with error).

Drive support
  - Standard SATA/SSD drives or any drive connected with a compatible SATA adapter (like microSATA, mSATA, M.2 or IDE to SATA etc.)
  - SAS drives with standard 512-byte sector size (only implemented in the SAS version of the device)

Common questions:

The Atola Recycler provides high speeds of up to 28 GB/min. The speed depend on the drives being tested and on the type and number of commands used in a script. The included powerful script editor provides over 80 commands to test and handle hdd. One can easily write different scripts: Sort out drives of different quality in a first pass - and then continue with other scripts for following passes.

Warranty, support, certification

  • warranty & support in Europe  (in english and german) !   
    we include a one years warranty (bring in to Vienna, Austria)
  • the software for the host pc is included - future upgrades are downloadable for free 
  • we offer optional add on products which are only available through us
  •   tested: Only the units baught through Atola Europe Distribution sales channel
Recycler server rack
  • Supports drives with SATA interface (also SSD) and all drives where a compatible SATA adapter exists for
  • Supports drives with SAS interface and standard 512-byte sector size (only SAS version)
  • Custom scripts (over 80 commands possible). Editor, demo scripts, command explanation included;
  • Reports & logs. We can assist to print reports to a predefined printer/preprinted forms
  • custom fields for universal reporting;
  • DoD and NIST wiping methods;
  • (Enhanced) Security Erase 1) and linear pattern erase support;
  • HPA/DCO control  2);
  • complete and/or short SMART report; 3)
  • information about selectable SMART attributes;  *)
  • Seek, Transfer Rate, surface scan testing;
  • Custom/Vendor Specific ATA command support;
  • Custom SCSI commands for SAS drives;
  • Checksum calculation: MD5, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512;
  • Lock/Unlock commands (ATA Password set/remove);
  • Bad disk handling (sector remapping);
  • Fast internal database with CSV integration.
  • Stand-alone mode support (without host PC software).

The Highlights:

  • Expandability for up to 200 units = for upt to 800 SATA (SAS) ports/drives
  • Free software updates and support;
  • User friendly interface;
  • Easy to use editor with integrated help to compose your own custom scripts;
  • Individual control of all hard disk drives;
  • Professional testing, wiping and repairing;
  • High processing speed of up to 28 GB/min;
  • Reporting system;
  • Customizable to your needs;
  • Easy 2-click firmware update on all units;
  • Grid view. The alternative main window mode which is helpful for customers with many units.
  1. Ehanced and/or standard Security Erase if supported by HDD
  2. HPA (= Hidden Protected Area)
    is often used to store data which should not be accessable during standard operation but for booting or diagnostic operations.
    For recycling this hidden area can be deleted and its space will become part of the standard hdd area.
    DCO (= Device Configuration Overlay)         
    It contains proprietory information for the hdd and is used mainly to set hdd from different manufacturers to the same,
    i.e. usually lower size than the actual native size of the hdd. On disk recycler one can set a lower native size of the hdd.
  3. Several SMART attributes are used differently from the the hard disk manufacturers,
    therefore its better only to judge a drives status on a few attributes only: 05, 183, 184, 188, 196, 197, 198, but ...
    SMART values will picture the moment, but will never grant that a drive wont have an issue in very short time !
    The above attributs/values can be used to fase out really defect drives, but SMART values shouldnt be used
    to avoid secure (but time consuming) read/write/compare tests.
There is no way to exclude specific defect areas of a hdd besides the standard repair feature. Infact, if a specific higher number
of sectors is defect, its definitely not recommendable to prepare such a drive for reusage.

Optional Add Ons:

  • SATA to 2,5" HDD IDE adapter
  • SATA to 3,5" HDD IDE adapter
  • 4xHDD Rack with fan - trayless for quick and smooth hdd exchange
  • special 3,5" to 2,5" hdd frame - especially modified for our 4xHDD Rack
PC software for Atola Disk Recycler
PC software for Atola Disk Recycler:

Grid View for customers with more units
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