Atola Bandura Q & A

Is it possible to protect the source HDD = to deactive the erasing feature for the source HDD ?

The final FW 2.07 exists in two versions:

1. source port write protected: (forensic) download wp version
2. source + target erasable:  download standard version

How do I upgrade to a new firmware ?

"Check your system about the firmware version which is installed. The version 2.07 ist the
final version published by Atola.

If you have an older version - here is the explanation [how to upgrade FW]."

Is it possible to work with SSD, especially, besides SATA, with those SSD with ZIF, LIF, mSATA or Micro SATA standard ?

"Atola Bandura supports all SATA SSD HDD directly, any other connector standard is supported
with an apropriate adapter."

I receive still IDE HDD 2,5" or 3,5" and some with special connectors. How can I deal with them with Atola Bandura ?

"Atola Bandura was originally designed to work with SATA HDD only, but we offer optionally
several adapters i.e. SATA to mSATA, Micro Sata, etc. We also offer SATA to IDE adapters:
One for 2,5" HDD and another one for 3,5" HDD.

They usually work fine as long as one does not use the stop/resume feature of the tool. If this
feature is used with any type of such adapters (not only the one we offer), the imaging speed
is reduced drastically after resuming. This is - as far as we know - a result of a Linux bug. "

Will Atola Bandura be compatible with SATA HDD introduced in the future ?

"Yes, as long as the specification of an HDD is within of the SATA standard it will be supported."

Is is possible to repair cklicking or buzzing HDD with Atola Bandura ?

"Clicking or buzzing is usually the result of mechanical, pcb or firmware issues. They cant be
resolved with Atola Bandura."

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