Insight Forensic ... "in depth"

The Atola Insight Forensic tool gives you very special and unique ways
 to clone, image and to retrieve data - even from defect drives.

 Besides the online manual and the integrated manual in the Atola Insight Software,
 the Atola technicians publish regularely very special explanations on the Atola Blog.

This is a list with links to these articles:


Atola Insight Forensic 4.11 with APFS support
The speed of imaging with Atola Insight Forensic
Evidence acquisition workflow in 5 steps
Artifacts: Image & analyze on the fly
Search of forensic artifacts in the course of imaging
Calculating segmented hash of a damaged drive
Tracking a drive’s SMART table status before + after imaging
Exporting + importing cases from one computer to another

Splitting an imaging session to separate targets
Multi-pass imaging of damaged drives
Case Management: Changing Details in a Case
Connecting MacBook using Thunderbolt extension module
Comparing Hashes of Source and Target to Find Modified Data
Case Management: Print reports from a case
Calculating MD5 and SHA1 hashes of an existing E01 file
Creating a logical image of a source drive
Case Management: Finding and Opening a Case
Verifying Damaged Target Images with Segmented Hashing
Extracting and Resetting an Unknown ATA Password
Lifting HPA and DCO restrictions
Calculating Hash During Imaging
Imaging a Source Drive to an E01 File with a Double Hash
Screenshot analysis: Imaging a freezing drive
Wiping multiple drives simultaneously
Screencast: Imaging Drives with Damaged Heads
Imaging Freezing Damaged Drives
Multitasking Capabilities
Imaging Drives with Damaged Heads
Connecting Seagate Drives to Serial Port
Clip Target Drive to Source Evidence Size
Seghash – Open-source tool for segmented hashing
Segmented hashing
Network database setup
How to resolve DiskSense / HASP connection issues

Issues - Unit doesnt start - blinking pwr LED

Reactivation - How to re-activate a subscription after
                      the previous subscription has expired

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