Upgrades, subscription, ownership

Each Atola tool is covered with a one year (bring in) warranty

If you want to extend the warranty and update period for Atola TaksForce
and for Atola Insight Forensic, you can purchase an additional subscription
for 1, 2 or 3 years (if still offered) at any later time.

Covered  in the following explanations means either the first one year warranty
                    period or an additional subscription period.

Atola TaskForce
Its software can only be used on this Atola unit. You can either use it as a stand
alone system with its tablet - or you can access it (the turned on TaskForce) with
any device conneted to the same LAN running Google Chrome.

You certainly can continue to use the tool after a covered period, but you will not
receive further software updates.

Atola Insight Forensic
You can continue to use the tool (after a covered period) with any software version
published within a covered period, but you will not receive further software updates.

You even can reinstall the last software version (out of a covered period) to another
computer and use it. But bear in mind, that you need to set up a network data base
to store or have access to all cases handled from different host-PC for your Atola
device used in the same LAN.


Software upgrades are available for:

Atola TaskForce    no update available yet

Atola Insight Ethernet or USB, Atola Imager final version 3.6

Atola Disk Recycler - for free.

Atola Bandura - for free - the final version.



An Atola tool may be transferred / sold at any time. We suggest to inform Atola about
a change of ownership - but you do not have to do so.

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