Field of Application

The Atola tools are unique and very special - and are very simple to use
so, there is no need to be a technician.
They all support hdd with bad sectors as long as it is accessible.
This is an overview to help you to make your best choice.

Atola Insight USB detailed product information field of application
If you are looking for a tool for a reasonable price, which offers the combination of hdd testing,
password retrieval/resetting, file + folder retrieval and hdd cloningHdd testing, this is the right
tool for you. For cloning you need to consider that the tool connects to the host PC with the
target drive (nternalor external) via USB 2.0. This needs time, especially for bigger capacities.
If you have to clone/image a higher number of drives, (with a low budget) you could consider
to choose the Atola Imager or Atola Bandura and use a data recovery software for file+folder
retrieval if this is necessary.
For a higher number of clonings plus file+folder retrieval, you need to choose the top of the line
product, the Atola Insight Forensic.

Atola Imager detailed product information field of application
An outstanding imager/cloning device (multi pass definable) for a very reasonable price.
Operated from host PC with its Windows 7+8 software via Lan / Ethernet (directly or via router).
For file or folder retrieval one needs to connect the clone (drive) to a PC and if necessary to use
a data recovery software.

Atola Bandura detailed product information field of application
Fair price, stand alone high speed cloning device - operated with touch screen.
Cloning, wiping, compare, diagnose - all with a few touches .... no PC needed.
For file or folder retrieval one needs to connect the clone (drive) to a PC and if
necessary to use a data recovery software.

Atola Insight Forensic detailed product information field of application
This is the top of the line product, offering outstanding features. It is a must have product
for the forensic field. No other tool can catch up in speed, features and versatility.
Certainly its the top product for the data recovery and IT service business too.
Secondly its very simple to use - no need to be a technician.

Atola Disk Recycler detailed product information field of Application
Diagnose, sort out, wipe and recertify a bigger number of hdd, create your own reports,
Write your own scripts for testing with a built in editor (80 commands possible)
One unit supports up to 4x SATA (SSD) or SAS hdd
Up to 200 units ( = 800 hdd ) can be monitored and individually handled via lan
(different scripts possible) with an included Windows software
A unit can also be operated stand alone with a USB flash stick (all 4 ports same script)